Jul 16, 2013

Wanted Re-Seller Of Couple Shirts And Personalized Items

Hey! Monster Prints is open for re-sellers of our personalized couple shirts and other gift items. Earn unlimited income and as much as 20% commission is given away for Active Re-Sellers.

Here's How:

1. Must click the " Follow this blog" you can see at the right panel of this blog.
2. Choose what Type of Re-Seller Membership you want to be:

  • FREE Sign Up - you will earn 5% commission. 
  • Silver Re-Seller - pay one time fee of 300 pesos. You will be eligible for a 10% commission. You will also get marketing tools like 10 calling card, and catalogues.
  • Gold Re-Seller- pay one time fee of 500 pesos. You will be eligible for a 15% commission. You will also get marketing tools 50 calling cards, catalogues and a personalized t-shirt.
  • Platinum Re-Seller- pay one time fee of 1,000 pesos. You will be eligible for 20% commission/ You will also get marketing tools of 100 calling cards, catalogues and 2 personalized t-shirts.
Two Ways To Sell:
  1. You can purchase the product discounted ( discount based on what type of Re-Seller you sign up for. Ex. Platinum Re-seller can purchase the personalized items 20% less.)
  2. If you don't have enough capital to purchase the product. You can let your customer visit the store with you. Once the customer pays the whole bill, you'll get your commission on the spot. ( this one is applicable for Re-Seller near Imus, Cavite or willing to walk-in)
Become a Monster Prints Re-Seller now and Earn Unlimited Income.

Imagine this, say that you are a Platinum Re-Seller and your customer purchase 1,000 pieces of personalized shirts: 

Retail Price of Monster Prints Personalized Shirts is 200 pesos. 
As A Platinum Re-Seller. You can buy it for only 160 pesos.
You Sell it to your customer for 200 pesos each.
Therefore you have 40 pesos profit per shirt x 1,000 pieces = 40,000 pesos PROFIT !!!!!

We are open for Re-Sellers regardless if you are from Imus, Cavite or in other part of the country. You can contact me through my official facebook account, official blog and contact number 09052064765. 

Re-Seller Of Couple Shirts and Personalized Items VS. Having Your Own:

  1. No Quota, No Obilgation, No Royalty Fee
  2. No Need to buy your own machines and materials 'coz we handle the production, delivery and inventory.
  3. All you need to do is to SELL. You can sell online or tradional way like sending flyers, brochures or encourage your network to buy our personalized items.
Are you interested to become a Re-Seller of Couple Shirts, Personalized T-shirts, Personalized Bag Tags, Personalized Calling Cards, Personalized Mugs, Personalized Tumblers, Personalized Keychains, Personalized Snap-On Button Pin, Personalized Sports-Jug, Personalized Ref Magnet, Personalized Round Fan, and Personalized Photo Card Invites? Call the Monster NOW! 09052064765.


* Re-seller  Program is a promotional project of Monster Prints Branch 2 only and is not applicable to Monster Prints Branch 1

* You can use our name Monster Prints provided that you sell the item according to our retail price

* Discounts are applicable to Retail Price not the Wholesale Price.


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